A supported Language Justice strategy.

Providing you with the resources to drive inclusive change in your organisation.



Breaking down language barriers and decentralizing dominant languages is essential in creating powerful, efficient, and inclusive movements for social change.

We work collaboratively with organisations to co-create and adopt language justice plans. We encourage our movements to see interpretation as a way to speak with rather than for diverse communities.

Our comprehensive support services are tailored to each organisation's unique needs, ensuring they have the necessary skills, knowledge, capacity and resources to operate independently.


 Our Offerings

We offer three ways to establish Language 
Justice principles in social change spaces.

Language Justice training

Support with funding applications 
for language justice support

Building in-house interpreter 
teams for your organisation
By collaboratively designing a language justice plan helping, your organisation take steps beyond language accessibility to a fully inclusive community. 
We offer experienced guidance on submitting applications for your organisation's language justice needs.
We coordinate, mentor, and support the team's setup so that you can carry out multilingual activities in the long run.



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