Supporting multilingual organising for change.

We collaborate in solidarity with organizations, workplaces, communities, and movements to promote language justice. 


As a non-profit organisation, we work in solidarity with collectives to build power and capacity in communities.

We believe that breaking down language barriers and decentralising dominant languages are key to building more powerful and inclusive movements for social, racial, migrant, feminist, economic, and climate justice.

 Our Offerings

We offer three ways to establish Language 
Justice principles in social change spaces.

Partnerships with organizations offering language justice based training, infrastructure strategy, and consultancy 
for social change groups.

Interpretation + translation services for events, workshops, gatherings, meetings, and assemblies (in person and remotely).

Education and awareness for professional interpreters. Training support and upskilling for bi/multilingual activists to gain experience towards a career as an interpreter.


Our team has been supporting organizations with their language needs since April 2023.

We work with
Campaigners / Housing Organisations / NGOs / Communities /  Charities / Marginalised or Disadvantaged Groups / Migrant Associations / Climate Groups/ Antiracist and Decolonial struggles / and more...

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