Supporting multilingual spaces for change.

We collaborate with social and grassroots movements to promote language justice by providing interpreters, technology, and education for multilingual organising at a solidarity rate.


We are a nonprofit facilitating multilingual community organising.

Our mission is supporting social change groups to work across communities, cultures, and regions, with a global impact by offering them interpretation, translation services, and language justice education consulting.


We provide interpreting services for NGOs and charity organisations that share our belief in social justice at solidarity rates. 

For low-funded, smaller, grassroots organisations and community groups with limited funding, when we can, we offer a range of services free of charge.

Campaigners / Communities / NGOs / Charities /Marginalised or Disadvantaged groups / Refugees / Migrants /  Interpreters


Our team has been supporting organizations with their language needs since April 2023. / London renters union / SOS-UK / ESWA / MockCOP / Climate Justice Coalition / People’s Health Tribunal / Global Coalition of People’s against Extractivism / Instituto NOW / BreakFree Suisse / Coordination Climat & Justice Sociale / Stand.Earth / NEON.


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