Language Justice advocacy + education.

Our purpose is to support social change by helping different groups communicate and work together.

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Coordinator / Founder

Clara Garcia

Clara is a feminist and social justice activist interested in language justice and cross-border organising. Having lived in various regions across the globe and being multilingual, she is committed to promoting language justice within the organisations and transnational spaces she works with.

Clara was one of the coordinators of the COP26 Language Justice team held in Glasgow during 2021 – recruiting and training over 400 volunteer interpreters to provide language services for The People’s Summit and delivering in-person and digital interpretation for more than 40 events, sessions and movement assemblies in 8+ languages.

Having worked in various unions, social organisations, and activist spaces across the UK she has extensive experience enabling multilingual political organising.

Finance Coordinator / Founder

P.G. Macioti


P.G. is an activist and researcher who has been involved in various liberation struggles, including women, LGBTQ, sex worker and migrant rights for over two decades. In 2006, P.G. co-founded x:talk, a UK workers cooperative based on language skills-sharing among migrant sex workers to organise collectively. PG is fluent in five European languages and has often interpreted for political gatherings. Between 2007 and 2012, PG ran an in-person interpreting service in the UK in the London fashion sector.

PG received a PhD in Politics and International Studies in 2014. The subject of her thesis was radical education and language skill sharing as means for political transformation from the margins, with a focus on undocumented migrants’ demands for rights in UK, Germany and Spain. She has worked for, co-founded, and coordinated several community, research and activist projects in UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, US, New Zealand and Australia.

Visual Communication Lead

Andrea Sisó


Andrea Siso is a multidisciplinary graphic designer specializing in sociopolitical issues and sustainability design. With a Master’s degree in Visual Communication focused on graphic design and five years of experience in a professional setting, her work philosophy centers on design as a tool for creating a positive impact on the world.

Andrea earned her MA from the Royal College of Arts in London, where she learned to integrate community-led co designing and design justice principles into her work. Since graduating, she has worked on various projects for communities and organizations in the social movement and sustainability space, including working with the city of London and the Barbican to create Gaia’s Garden. This community garden hosted a program dedicated to intersectional sustainability pedagogy, which brought together communities across London.