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Interpreting for a  multilingual   movement ecology.

We collaborate with social and grassroots movements to promote language justice by providing interpreters, technology, and education for multilingual organising at a solidarity rate.

 Building collective power  ︎  Bridging language barriers  ︎ Prioritising popular education and education for liberation

we do

We offer an inclusive range of support in connection with Language Justice organising.

Below is a summary of what we can offer, but please get in touch if there's anything particular you are interested in which we may be able to help with.


Interpretation and translation services for social purposes.


Software provision for live and remote interpretation.


Popular education for change; 
education and awareness for professional interpreters and multilingual activist.


Promotion of fair
pay and solidarity rates for interpretation within social movements.


Advocacy, training and consultancy for organisations.


Partnership and network building with language service providers.

We are part of a network of organisations working towards language justice, and we believe that multilingual spaces are essential for social movements to organise across borders and transform society.

That is why we are working towards:

Bridging language barriers

Enhancing community development across communities and territories

Building collective power

Decolonising, decentralising and democratising the movement

Increasing the capacity of social movement grassroots organisations

Prioritising popular education and education for liberation

We would like to hear from you

We are interested in working with a range of organisations and individuals

Campaigners /
Collectives /
NGOs / Charities
Marginalised or
Disadvantaged Groups doing multilingual work

Refugees /
Migrants /
Mobility organisers
Interpretation Students / Interpreters / Language Service Providers

So far we are

Learning from existing language justice advocates and developing a network of language service providers
Reaching out to organizations with interpreting and translation needs in order to support them. For an ongoing support, organisational training, and access to interpreters you can become a Common Language

Providing services to upcoming climate justice campaigns such as The Last Winter of Gas as well as piloting our training on language justice strategies for organisations.

Tuesday, April 12 , 2023
5.30PM - 6.30PM GMT

︎  LAUNCH EVENT (Network & fellow language justice providers)Thurs., April 13 , 2023
4.00PM - 5.00PM GMT

(Open to organisations wanting to collaborate!)
Wednesday, April 19 , 2023
4.00PM - 5.00PM GMT